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Host Integration

Real time host integration
Real time integration with your enterprise software is a key component with all implementations, since
this data exchange reduces manual processes, eliminates multiple databases and is the gateway to
supply chain visibility for your enterprise.

Real time savings
Reducing manual processes and eliminating shipper data input is the first step towards reducing costs in your warehouse. Automating these processes will also increase accuracy levels; leading to improved customer service and lower carrier charge-back costs.

Managing and exposing critical information
An integrated transportation solution will use order data collected from your ERP and WMS to pack and ship outbound orders. This process adds transactional data such as carton contents, shipping costs and tracking numbers. Once the packages leave your warehouse via your shipping partner (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS or LTL carriers), additional dynamic data is generated as each package makes its way through the carriers supply chain.

Utilizing a browser-based dashboard, TriLogix provides your front-office and distribution staff with the critical information that they need…when they need it. By combining data from multiple sources into a centralized (and user-configurable) “view,” finding the information that you need has never been easier. In addition, users can perform a query to quickly find the shipment that they need, and then convert the results into a PDF report and emailed. These views and reports can be shipment or order based, contain information from many orders during a user-defined date range or consist of graphs and pie charts.

Integration options
TriLogix's Integration Toolkit provides real time integration into your supply chain's core components; including ERP, Accounting, Order Management, WMS and eCommerce sites. TriLogix uses standard Microsoft tools to provide a variety of integration options, including:

API Calls
Batch Processing
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
File Transfer
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
Screen Scraping/Terminal Emulation

Two-way interface tool
After each transaction, TriLogix will update your host software to provide real time information such
as shipping costs, tracking numbers, carton contents and expected delivery date.

TriLogix supports multiple interfaces, allowing data to be shared from different systems and databases, streamlining your transportation processes and reducing costs.

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as their top criteria for supply chain software providers.
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