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TriLogix develops and integrates enterprise logistics solutions to automate distribution processes and reduce operational costs for our customers. As a leader in logistics systems integration and shipping,
pack & ship and web-based distribution systems, TriLogix delivers scalable solutions that provide user-configurable control; empowering our clients to utilize advanced business rules and customer-driven compliance requirements to differentiate their business in today's competitive marketplace.

Today's transportation systems must do more than eliminate manual keystrokes. Customers are
demanding modular solutions that will extend from the warehouse into the front office; empowering customer service to resolve issues more quickly. TriLogix offers browser based user interfaces and dashboards for reporting, front office tracking, package rating, even shipping.

Providing superior enterprise visibility, event management and real time knowledge; promotes
proactive events instead of reactive actions, allowing quick responses to incidents across the supply chain. The faster a problem can be identified, the easier and less expensive it is to solve it.

Our advanced technology supply chain solutions are certified carrier compliant and automate the distribution process ensuring that your pick, pack, and ship warehouse procedures are streamlined;
thus significantly contributing toward your industry success.

Using standard Microsoft tools, TriLogix's Integration Toolkit provides real time integration into your supply chain's core components; including ERP, WMS, Order Management and eCommerce sites.

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A Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies survey reports logistics software industry customers rate
Value and Cost Savings
Knowledge Base
Global Capacities
as their top criteria for supply chain software providers.
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