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TriLogix develops and integrates enterprise logistics solutions to automate distribution processes and reduce operational costs for our customers. As a leader in logistics systems integration, and shipping,
pack & ship and web-based distribution systems, TriLogix delivers scalable solutions that provide user-configurable control; empowering our clients to utilize advanced business rules and customer-driven compliance requirements to differentiate their business in today's competitive marketplace.

TriLogix believes in a collaborative approach. Our Professionals work with you and for you to design, implement, and support your customized shipping solutions.

TriLogix offers you:
     • Logistics industry experience
     • Extensive transportation software, shipping and distribution
        process knowledge
     • Solutions for your company’s unique shipping needs
     • Advanced technology products
     • Responsive and reliable local support

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Whether you’ve gone global or your company is headed that way, TriLogix can help provide
smart solutions for your unique distribution and fulfillment needs.

Let TriLogix show you how improving your shipping processes can make your company more
competitive, via:

     • Reduced shipping costs
     • Increased shipping accuracy and efficiency
     • Fewer packing errors
     • Live tracking of order progress
     • Improved customer service
     • Real-time data
     • Streamlined shipping processes through automation

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A Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies survey reports logistics software industry customers rate
Value and Cost Savings
Knowledge Base
Global Capacities
as their top criteria for supply chain software providers.
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